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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Title: You've. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

It's harder than it seems
to belong in someones dreams
when your reality seems to be darker than the winter skies,
a cloud full of rain, to your despise
makes my day, so do your lies
I crumble every second your tongue leaks words
I crumble every second, you were my world

chorus: I think of a thousand excuses,
to fight through the barriers,
so I can come and rescue your heart,
rescue your heart,
a million seconds pass us by
and I'm alone, alone I try
harder to fall at your feet
when your by my side, my sweet

You've a good heart but a cruel mind
I'd aspire to be your dream,
I'd aspire to be as close to you as your trouser seams,
the thought of it all daunts on me,
dragging me down, so softly
I'll follow you through the darkest of days,
to calmly pull the fears away,
and I would be the hero of the day


ending: You've a good heart and an inspirational mind,
it's a shame oh a shame, such a shame that I'd end up passing you by,
your standards are as high as clouds in the sky,
but I'd still walk your way home,
even if you called me a stray.

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