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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Title: You, u. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

You pick me up when I am down
you're never here when I'm around
let's face facts it's coincidence we're never found
you're always there when I'm afraid
but never helped to save the day
I'm constantly fighting fear,
with the sweet linger of you near
I'm down with whatever you want,
I'll try my hardest baby

chorus: you, you,
you know I'm tyring
for you, you
I can't deny that I'm
a fool, fool, fool
for you and I swear
I swear by it baby
you, you,
you know that when the sun goes down, down
unspoken love buried yet found
you, you, you
should know all about this,
all about me

I'm no longer yours when you are mine
I'll touch down when you hit the sky
your heart it sails far away whilst mine just prays for another day
close to you I am apart, drifted oceans tides my hearts
ties my soul to you,
I'm no longer waiting for you when all I am is all you do
I'm no longer foolish but young I am


Ending: And you, you, you
should know me by now,
you, you, you,
shouldn't change a thing and how
to be loved by a fool, to be loved by you
love is a definition your scared of reading up

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