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Friday, 30 September 2011

Title: Let yourself. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

People will talk but they just won't know,
why I care and why I loved you so,
Care too much, lose simplicity
It's not what you wear it's who you are,
so let all be

What will be, will be
let the good times roll and you'll soon see
it's not about what you say or how you look or the drugs you took
it's simplicity, simplicity

Chorus: Let the good times roll,
far too long you've been over-shadowed,
it's time to escape that reclusive black hole
Let the good times roll,
run for the excitement, let it all show

What will be said, will be said
there's no turning back time,
speak honest and true letters
or forever regret and deny
it's not about lust, it's about fate
it's all about tonight


Ending: Come on, just let yourself go
you've a lovely smile which you just don't show
Come on baby, let the good times roll,
just let yourself go, let yourself go.

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