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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Title: Three beat. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You and I
will find our way back
to where it all started
desires and destruction parted

We sat by
the ashes as our souls burned down to bitter dust,
this is no longer lust,
we're just in...

Chorus: Pull me back to reality
I'm done with quoting love poems
I'm just the girl you fall in and out of lust with
Pull me back to my darkest dreams
pitiful it seems that I'm the one who's frightened now

I never felt right
saying those two words, good bye
I still regret flicking the letters off my tongue
and we agreed, we'd be better off as two
but what are two when we're one?
we'll fight till the sun shows its face


Ending: I fell by,
a shadow of your heartbeat,
it told me to stop being so shy and concrete,
I came to life,
with the breath of your voice
I came to life,
without a choice.

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