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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Title: Oh. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Fell into your opinions,
Bumped into your precision,
isn't it idiotically beautiful how you seem?

You act oh so warm but we both know you're cold,
it's tearing me apart how we're growing old,
you've never said to me, those words I long to hear
I'm forever listening to tragic whispers in my ears

Oh oh oh oh oh x2

Chorus: If I could pick you up, take you out
I'd show you the towns that take us back
to the olden days where love was sacred
love was sacred, love was sacred
If I could pick you up and take you down
I would place your tongue by your heart,
at least then you'll speak true words that you truly feel
to be loved is surreal, to love is surreal

I've done my days waiting, and I've done my time
I'm wasting away sighing at the lies,
you've reeled me back in, oh what a surprise
it's happened again to my pitiful eyes


Ending: and oh,
what a beautiful shame it was,
and oh, oh, oh
what a beautiful shame

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