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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Title: Creases. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

We are battles won and lost
we are risks at all costs
we are the flesh and skin of today
we are what
we are what?

are we meant to be together
or are we not?
i'd never let you go

have you ever had those dreams
where reality it seems
oh so far away
(you're never by my side)

Chorus: I know you may feel the same
I can see it upon the wrinkles in your face
a crease caused by a whisper from me
I'm flung to the side

You're being oh so shy and slow
but if you were me, I'd never let this go
there's nothing between us but space and unspoken letters
take my hand I'd never say no


Ending: I'll be the one who never takes any sides,
with you a gentle four letter lie named love in this situation
it enables just about any lengthening of time.

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