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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Title: You're wonderful. By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'll never make it all alone,
I'll never follow the cobbled track back home
I'd never accept it, the offer heavy in your arms

To feel light, to feel loved, to feel anything
a bitter kiss goodnight is more than an action
I'd hope to god we'd be alive by the morning in each others arms
don't feel alarmed,
I think you're wonderful, wonderful

Chorus: I disappear into a thousand love notes,
I find myself through finding you,
I disappear through a fluorescent rainbow
I think you're wonderful, purely wonderful...

I throw myself into millions of situations,
I'm paranoid, I pretend to not be instead
I over think, analyze and let go
I chuck myself down before I ever speak so


Ending: You're wonderful, wonderful
purely wonderful, wonderful
I'll hold you to that words, you're a living definition.

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