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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Title: Throw it all away. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You've the hardest of hearts and the cruelest of ways
to blind a love with perfect vision
tender is touch and tender is time
it leaves the tenderest of wounds
for you to crumble down
with your hardest of hearts

The tip of your tongue holds the deepest of lies
It's heartbreaking to see your bitter sweet eyes
It starts with hello and ends with goodbye
I've seen you in my dreams,
an image I despise

Chorus: Bitter sweet love,
I throw it all away, throw it all away
I've enough for now I'll save my tears for another day
cause your near, and when you're gone
the same sad story, it carry's on
and on
and on

I've no hope left, no faith inside
my stomach binds all of your lies,
there's no ending to my sadness dear


Ending: I'll throw it all away
with a shy kiss and a lie
I'll turn your blue skies grey with a pinch of time

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