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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Title: Bitter. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

A bitter daze,
my sudden icy glaze
lays upon your face
lays upon your face

A bitter way,
for my eyes to reach an awful place
I could fall today, forever

Hush down adolescent,
your young years are precious,
but the days away are too slow now
make the most of what you are

Chorus: We're told to feel in such a heartless way
when we're young and in lust
when we're young and in lust
We've not much time to shake our ways
old habits, bad habits die hard
when we're young and in lust

It becomes too much,
we get oh so stressed
we get so sick and tired,
of creating such mess,
we'll fall far too many times
cuts and bruises will shine
away the grey and the dull days ahead


Ending: What a bitter regret,
for a beautiful story,
it has no morals, no morals except
we're young and in lust, instead.

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