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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Title: Never her. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

She's full of grace
but I'm made of hope
I'll tear up your heart and thread flaws with a rope
I'll make you understand what it is I'm all about

I've embraced my luck and I've let it fall
wasted away by a love struck boy
I'm wrapped up deep in the faith of the night
and I'll set it on fire until it burns so bright
my aura it turns as the night turns to morning
and I've left you down by the rest that were calling

Chorus: In my mind I'll see you
and in my eyes I'll dream of
situations that are unlikely to occur
situations that churn my heart and stir

grind me to a pulp
I'll be pure and thin
floating away like an innocent win
at the end of the day we're all just bodies in love

our souls may be heavy and our hearts oh so weak
but we fight for what we want
but we never believe
it's all so strange to be calling you my love
my love


by the end of the night
I won't ever return,
I'll be one of the girls that waited their turn
and the end of the night couldn't come any sooner
you sweep me off my knees with your bitter yet truthful words
I'd never be able to be your girl

ending : In the end,
we're just bodies
souls burdened inside of each other
we fall and we lack grace or dignity
but we fall and we're back to a night of infinity

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