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Friday, 17 February 2012

Title: you and me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've never been one to
ask how you do all the things you do
leaving little devastation

I'm a fool and a wreck
for loving such a mess
a beautiful chaotic lover

Wrap me up in yesterday,
send me off to summer days
where everyone and everything is perfect
we'll be happier,
the flowers will sing for us
and we'll go about doing simple things

I'm one for confrontation,
you're one for sitting back
I'm one for arguing
you're never on track
I'm always the one who begins it
you're always the one who stops it
and I'm always a wreck for loving a person with such opposites

Chorus: Hold me down, anchor
hold me down, away from
all the pretty things that I never found
Hold me down, anchor
away from my home ground
and I'll waste away like all the girls you loved

You're intoxicating,
your touch is burns my skin
a kiss would be heavenly
but that's too much to come from within
a kiss is not a signal
for a destruction
but I'll ask you, handsome
from my neck to my toes
your fingertips lie


Ending: it's always been about me
I wouldn't call it selfish
my mother told me to put I first
it never made any sense
until the day I answered
I'm not pretending to be
any less or more

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