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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Title: Intoxicated blues. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Conversations at the tip of my brain
the nervous feeling fills my tongue and it's over again
a soft divide parts our lips
I move from side to side as I sway in rhythm with your words

this is what we do
we get intoxicated
and we get the blues
oh so overrated

There's no space to breathe
a lack of time to say
all the words has to let us play
comfortable silence till the morning
in this foggy air
we're full of a lack of care
I've gained a acute amount of madness
and my eyes they show an abundance of bravery
I'm no hero and for what I've done, know one will even know

Chorus:  I don't need your kind words or laughter
you can control my mind and eyes
a single touch of your hand leading me into the night
I'd be scared if I were alone but with you it's always alright

I'm not one for intimacy,
commitment it devastates me,
all the emotions tightly wrapped between two bodies
I'm afraid of many things,
constant constant
constantly afraid of my mind

I'm afraid of many things,
my my my mind
my my my mind


Ending: embed me in your arms
I'll stay but you brought me harm
I've always strayed far away from you
It's what happens when we get the blues
intoxicated, over-rated
just another soul to find an excuse to be a fool.

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