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Saturday, 18 February 2012

unfinished. written by: Eleanor Diplock

I can see it in your face
you're giving it all away
with your seductive lies

I could capture I could
but I'm too wrapped around you
and so I give a little smile

Chorus: Because the feelings
you give me,
wrap up my stomach and churn like butterflies in the milky sky
Because the feelings
you provide me, like intoxication
we could dance, we could dance all night
it would be alright

I'm too drunk and
you're far too witty
to take advantage of the night
I'm coincidentally a fool when it comes your eyes
you draw me in like the tides
you pull me so close I
never felt this way before
I'm left gazing at you in awe


ending: I'm not much but
you're okay
you promised me many a thing but not today
I'm not much but
you're okay
it's alright to be in love

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