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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Title: Same sad story. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Wrap me up in your insecurities
we've been here before
It's all such a big mystery, I'm becoming a flaw
created by such small errors
I'm down on the floor
I'll have you begging oh sweetheart,
you'll wish I'd never show my face anymore

I'll have you know
I've never had any luck on my side
so please believe me before I go
I'm no stranger, although I've been from place to place
I carry no sickness, except my body
it's as though you already know
I came to see you
but your soul changed and your face was ashamed
I came to see you
but you're mind left ages ago

Chorus: My mind cuts corners
with every word your tongue flicks
My body shakes terribly
at the thought of your touch
and so I repeat myself
and I become a recluse
cause it's easier than having to suffer by seeing you

Let me go,
go back to where I belong
let me go,
your tender kiss feels so right but oh so wrong

I'm going back, but to see your mother
apologies wouldn't see me from my eye to my cheek
she understood everything you said to me
and I'll say it again, I was never a lover
I was more of a friend, under the covers
layers thick enough to catch my fall

Ending: Bad luck sweeps me off my feet,
I'm a liar, I'll repeat
Love leaves me as soon as I let you in
the cold it wraps my heart
a layer I call skin

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