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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Title: Drift. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I am sewn and woven
made out of good intentions
so, measure me up
no one else can see the way I am

I am sewn and woven
into the stresses of love
it's not a dream I'm after
and it's all because

Chorus: I've been drifting
in and out of
life and I'm about to
find what it all means,
to find what you see
I've been drifting
in and out of love
hoping to see all the reasons as to why
I'm still here
as to why I'm still here

Paint me a picture,
but make it beautiful,
there's no hope in hell I'd
get the chance to fall
into your arms
oh I'd dream to be into your arms
oh and I have no faith in myself
because I know its a phase
I'm after you
I'm in aches and pains
I'm after you

You're the blame,
I'm after you
you're so magical
the tingle you leave after you come and go
and the way my hair stands up on my neck
it dances until you leave my sight


ending: Close to you,
I'd never long to be close to you
sincerity's always been a failure
but I've no way to be
if I can't see who's really looking in the mirror

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