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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Title: My something, guy

No muscle can tear me away from you
and I'm stuck on you like bird to feathers
and I won't be torn apart
from my guy
from my guy

and as a matter of opinion
he's my ideal
and no where am I near him
as a matter of fact
he soaks softly in my imagination
I marinate his touch in my soul

Chorus: and you're mine to hold
and this love will take me
this love will take me to higher grounds
the sanctity of sanity remains with you
the security of your presence tomorrow
always assured when you lay me to sleep

simple sweet talk
humbled by your bays
the tide of lust seeps in
every word falls into place
you're mine to hold
I can't help myself to you
you give me all I need and more


ending: so give me all or nothing
this could be something
for you are the real thing
my ideal, my guy, my guy

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