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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Title: Someone else

your brown eyes bring me the sunrise
and I wake up alone
and for you I flicker like a flame
remain like a wound and its pain
and you better not be the first one
to get me, and I don't know why
I swim in the darkest parts of the water

now I realise there was someone else
I was just an addition to the ongoing list
and I never had to find out
but someway or another I did
and this is what's on my mind, tonight

Chorus: tonight, passes by
I'll be the one to cry
I hold myself tightly to secure any remains of you
and I lack faith in you
I used to believe in you
and it's true, it's true
you broke my body with words of hope

and you blame me for your troubles
seek advice from me, the fool of the hour
if I told you what was on my mind tonight
you'd have left me years ago

I can no longer carry on
pretending like I'm a significant other
I try my best to let you go
and you break my heart
to keep me far from you


ending: every breath taken fights my body
it lays me down on a bed of lies
and you're such a liar
and I'm glad you're over
but now I'm pretending

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