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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Title: Paper thin

Isn't it funny how
people change
and people go and come
isn't it funny how
things work out but never as you hoped

take it back
all the words I ever said
take it back
all the moments spent undressed

Chorus: through it all
I've become so paper thin, for you
my patience has dispersed and it's left me caving in
and every time, you depart my eyes
my soul disintegrates for every moment you were

lonely, you were lonely
underrated emotion lingers
 in my veins, on my own once again
changing my state of mind
my touch is cold to your humid heart
but you're mine to keep now
forever with you in sight


ending: the final call
the countdown
falling apart we fall into each other
the final touch of our lust
it tingles on the body you have left

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