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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Title: Better you

Every face that passes me is you, it's getting me down
and I want you
word is that it's a better love you've found
but I want you

If I could hold you in my arms
the scent of your touch would linger forever
the emotion pouring thicker now
as my heartbeat grows louder

and I've got you rested in my mind
but you'd never have me
I'm one of the undesirables

Chorus: The sun was setting in your eyes
and I'm feeling wide awake
trapped in a haze of you
and in my imagination every action is sprayed in gold
and I'll tell everyone, I know
you had the doubt but never let it go

I'm in search of a better you
a mission failed at its first encounter
and I beat myself until I'm black and blue
no longer new, used up by you

and the bones you break
they let me breath sharper breaths
I've been wanting you, more than anything
and it's in this moment
I'll back down from you
I surrender to what we'll never be


ending: I'm in search of a better you
a failed mission before I've even started

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