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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Title: Want/Need

Is it so wrong?
is it not right?
to want someone of my own, for more than one night
your scent lingers on my skin
pale again, you're rushing in

our hips collide
and we pull each other close
once more I'd never regret this moment with you
the softness of your lips in comparison to my touch
heavy handed, heavy hearted
for this to combust

Chorus: I want you
if you want me more than this tonight
I only want someone to appreciate who I can never be
I've been trying to find you, for so long
you swim through my veins and you're home again
buried in my heart tonight

I've become reclusive
faulting myself to be better for you
I've become a state of repetition
words spoken by me peel my skin black and blue

I just hope to be something more
hoping for the shore
it's on this day
where I've left you
it's on this day
where I've never let you


ending: and I hope to be
something more than what this is
I hope you'll see
if I could be beautiful, this would be simple

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