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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Title: (unfinished) Begninning

He's the taste of Summer
provides the chills of Winter
and here comes the rush, your touch
the consistent tide pulling me under
reeling my innocence in

what do you and I even mean?
have we even begun, or are we to begin?

you clearly don't me well, yet
doubting my intentions that you haven't met
and what is it you want?
is it me? or am I another fool to fuck around with?

chorus: so here comes the rush
the tender cold from your touch
and I'm yours again, yours again, I am yours, always
and could it be you, calling me out?
and my foolish mind falls from the start of this
and here comes the rush
the tenderness I've missed so much
from your hands

treasured in my veins
you run loosely
capturing the pain with your own hands
I get such a craving when you're gone
I'm left alone still wanting in the sheets


ending: we both knew I'd never be your lover
I'm just company, for now
who knows if we'll ever encounter, again?
but what do I mean, to you?
and here comes the rush again

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