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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Title: Rinse and repeat.

What do you know?
it's happened again
the longing after your body
the craving of the taste of your skin
and one of us misread
all these unconsidered signs
it happened again

once more my body throbs
and with you we always get somewhere
somehow unnoticed, friendship isn't there
and what do you know?
it's happened again

Chorus: A little bit of me
and I have a thing for you
misread every direction I follow you in
and how come no one told me?
you and I we'd make the loneliest people
the ones who always spoke and held the truth
and it's up to you now
longing, longing, it happened again

the sweet press of your lips
our hips collide so lightly
and it's in the grip
I taste your words on bitter hands


ending: and what do you know?
it's happened again
repetitive longing
for us to be more than the situation that neverends

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