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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Title: Felt, feel

Near to you, I crave to be
away from you I'm suffering
and can you feel it?
can you feel this?

away from you, I can't cope
near to you I long to hope
this will last forever
this could last forever

if we made it through another night
could you hold me closer, hold me tight?
could I be the one? could I be the one?

Chorus: I've never felt so strong
and weak at the same time
my feelings and doubts contrast in the front of my mind
your happiness is all I think about
and it's the promise of tomorrow that I long for
I've never felt so weak but strong

I'm insecure,  I won't learn to trust
and sweetheart, promise me, you can live with that?
it's one of my many flaws

to me you are the face of beauty
each time I stare I take all of you in, I take all of you in to me
I pick up on your habits
I pick up on your flaws
but darling, I wanna see more


ending: I don't want this to ever end
we've started off so strongly
I won't break away
I won't fade away from you

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