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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Title: You, you

This guilt, guilt, guilt
is eating me up, up, up
ever so slowly
catching me in my weakness
basking in glory
this guilt, guilt, guilt
is eating me up, up, up
ever so willingly
catching me and basking in glory

I can't keep up with all this doubt
inside my head right now
self inflicted love, gone
the less we talk, the less I crave
but I can't make you take the blame
when all I can do is love love you so deeply

Chorus: And it takes me
far away, and soaks my bones in what we have
and it takes me, ever so gently
with warmer hands and the coldest of hearts
and I never want to part from you, no
I don't want  to know how I'd do, without you
without you by my side

I find it hard how you seem to cope without me
and get by just fine, with a lonely night
your scent lingers on my pillows and it's the best sleeping aid
I've had so far, you're the best so far

and it eats me whole
grinds me down
can you feel it?
can you hear me now?


ending: and I can't not kiss your skin
I can't tell you it's going to be alright
you're the demon of my nights
and I want to keep you forever
but how do I know whether you'll leave my sight?
do you want to, darling?

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