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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Title: Here is what I want

Welcome to the end of what is on my mind
and it's a fantasy, delivered in a lack of time
and I don't know what I think you saw
you didn't know at all
the side of who I hold, no longer in my touch
and I can't make a connection
I've forced myself into a doubtful dimension
I'm sick at the sight of myself

Chorus: Maybe I should find something real
push past these second guesses that I drown your skin in
how could it be what I want is here?
with you, with you
how could it be what I want is here?
you're a fantasy, you could never live up
you could never lip up

empty morals hypnotise me
and I'm no longer alone
there's too much pressure for today
how many hours will I let slip away
before I realise that you're not the same?

each gap between your voice and mine
makes me think of words I should have said
and you'll never put me first, and that's okay darling
I guess I could get used to it
I couldn't ever leave you
what I want is here
here is what I want


ending: and it's the unkept promises
your reassurance that you'll love me more each day
I feel that I'm in this way more than you are
and this is reality, it always lives up
it always lives up

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