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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Title: Leave

Why can't I keep you?
safe in my arms
I could never leave you
I hope that I'm somewhere in your heart
and I realise, dear
I'm in this way too much, much
and I realise, my biggest fear
it hurts when we touch

I can't carry on like this
when I know that you'll be the end of me
darling, are you going to leave me?
I feel that I'm wasting each day, counting down the moments when you're gone
do you find it hard to stay the night?
I've walked miles to untie the doubts in my mind

Chorus: I want to take some time
to make things right
and it doesn't matter how you feel
I know you think the same, you are the same as I
and I was warned that I would never be put first
I was warned I'd be second best
but I want to take some time
so darling, are you gonna leave me?
please don't do so, so soon

my heart is burning by the bed for you
and I'm pushed into the side lines again, like you do
and imagination haunts me in mirrors, like you do
and my skin painted dark and blue
representing my thoughts of you

please don't leave
don't ever go far away
I can't deal with separation
I don't want this loss of love


ending: and from the start
I told you I'd be here through thick and thin
and I promised I'd love you, with every inch of my skin
you promised the same, and I know you didn't mean it
because here we are, fighting to keep this

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