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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Title: Only the beginning

I promise to carry you
when you're weak and home sick
and I promise that I'll stick right by you
when you're sad and lonely

I'm still holding onto your whisper
I'll never turn away from you
I hope that you can understand me now
it's the best thing to do

when I'm laying down at night
when you're not next me
I feel the warmth of your body
trapped within the sheets

Chorus: It's the beginning of the doubts
now that the trust is empty
it's the way you hold me now
ever so tight but gently
and I've never seen your eyes
filled with so much pain and destruction
and I know you've changed, darling
I can sense it's only just starting

the way you stand
the way you hold your body hunched
the way you talk
the words that don't leave your mouth


and at the start
I was always put first
I was always made sure I understood how much love hurts
and now we're comfortable
it's like we're not trying anymore
and I wish that we could take this back
to where we started
I'd change a million things


ending: If you left, I don't know if I'd miss you
I've been fighting you for too long
if you stayed, I don't know if I could see this through
you'd need to make yourself better

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