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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Title: Priorities

There's no light left in the dark
now I know where I'm laying at night
I can't deal with lonely times
but you seem to manage fine

I don't understand
why don't you wanna hold my hand?
as tightly as you used to
as tightly as we used to be

what have I done?
why are you acting this way?
all I, all I ever wanted was you
and I can't keep this inside
it's wearing me down and out
and soon we'll be through
the evidence is true

Chorus: Pull me closer now
for this will be the last time
you'll ever feel something so strong and real
we used to so real, together
you and I would fight, fight for what we had
with fists of purity and I can't hold back anymore

you don't seem to care
when I cry at night
you turn your body over
out of my sight

I'd drop anything for you
I'd stop in my tracks just to see you over
just to calm you down


and with me,
I'm not the first priority
you're always letting me down
and I hope I'm not the only one
I hope I'm not the lonely one, right now


ending: and I can't live without you
I need you warmth and love in my life
need that touch to get me through this so I can feel alright

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