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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Title: Two. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Full of faults we're all such beautiful disasters,
we hide our flaws in such elegant ways of distractions,
we are the ones who pick up the pieces,
we are the ones who fall at your feet

You start to embrace my flow,
but you've got a long way to go,
 if it's only me and you
well then they've got so much pretending to do

I'm in awe of your beauty,
your not like any other,
you're unusual,
you're unusual to discover

Chorus: And I'm down under,
in your heartbeat I become a lover
you never waited for anyone before (me)
and now I'm stuck here in your flaws
wrapped up in your truth
forget the horror here
we've left all we could of been yesterday

One day we'll forget we'll soon be nothing but a dust
the words they'll drag us down but bring us back on solid ground
I'm fond of you in the sun, your eyes shine brighter than any summer land
I'll never forget this pretty place


Ending: So this is from me to you,
and you for me,
who cares about anyone else,
who cares about anyone
who cares

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