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Friday, 1 February 2013

Title: Only you

Only you can see emptiness
everything you say, you're forever my tease
and only you can fill this never ending space
your eloquent touch keeps all fear at bay
and it's only you

the simplicity of unison hangs in the humidity of your breath
as we pull closer, we're a collision
this creation is nothing other than beauty
and everything you say, you're forever my tease

Chorus: it's you I crave
I've never lusted after someone so hard before
fallen through the spaces I intentionally found with previous love
you are the only body that holds me down in the dark
and it's you I crave

there's no need for reminiscence
everything I long for is right here with you
mistakes provide opportunities for repetition
but with you I am subconsciously free


ending: only you can fill this emptiness
everything that you say
those soft words that caress my veins
the press of your lips that causes my heart such ache
and it's only you

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