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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Title: Hesitations. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

The capture of your look, across the room
I caught the gaze too far, too soon
all we do is linger
I crave to find a way to tell you
if only you knew all the thoughts that crawl in my head
I do it to myself, I do it for you
but you'll never know

I'm just a ghost under rocks
layered by the forgotten words of yesterday
stumbling around, reaching for my confidence
I lost myself, I lost myself outside
in this sharp and cold world

Chorus: I won't waste your time, with my hesitation
give me a call tonight we'll start a revelation
I won't waste your time with my hesitations
give me a chance, take a risk and lose it all
worth it for a night with you

we'll create our very own made up love song
I love you a million raindrops I do
now there's passion fuelled by unspoken words
started by the fire in untaken actions
I love you, do you even care?

It's a bitter, cold, sharp scene out there
stay here in the warmth of our pretentious ways
safe until the break of a triggered day


Ending: I love you, I don't think you care
you constantly preserve me withy our distant stare

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