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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Title: Reveal. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

The air is laced with cheap perfume
I knew you'd say you'd stay, too soon
what is it about the darkness of the room that makes us feel less lonely?
and if you're ready so am I, so am I
and if you're ready so am I, so am I

battles with ourselves, battles with ourselves
all for love, you are a product of beauty
and me, I'm the creator of disasters
won and lost

Chorus: what it takes to reveal
all that we are, together
we are lost, we are lost
its the look in the bedroom
your flickering eyes
I turn to you with something more than you expect
hold onto me tonight
I'll never let you go
yesterdays actions are delayed now
consequence let us talk of love

my mind keeps on tracing back,
back to thoughts of the way you pursed your lips that night
I held you so close to me
for a moment we felt intertwined
wrapped around everything you owe to me
skin to skin it felt so tight


ending: I won't drown myself in hate
I'll wait for another day with you
another moment forever lingers

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