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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Title: No one goes. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Beauty leaks into your soul
a place where no one will go
oblivious to me, I see, I see you
waiting, wanting to believe in everything you've become
afraid of the light, it summons your eyes
to what your mind can deceive in life
what you breathe in life
childish, you hold on for someone else

I pick bones with my teeth
without your imagination, I never leave you
I say whatever I mean
holding back, I hold love back
blind to success, I can't see you

Chorus: through the skies in your mind
your body rests 5 foot in the ground
until you receive a little loving again
through the skies in your mind
and you're home again, home again

desperate for passion, desperate for touch
drag my soul down with the brush of your cold skin
tenderness never lived here
but for you, for you, all for you
I let you in


Ending: Beauty leaks from your soul
wraps up the spaces in-between our bodies
lights up the sky with your calming words
affection light me up, give me what I need

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