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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Title: Better you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

We've made our bed, but we're ever so restless
together, we're reckless
you turn my stomach, butterflies for you
I admire you, when you're the better you

late nights spend talking about feelings we thought we'd never say
I won't ever complain, we've built a house made of paper
buried under the wind, thrown into the blue skies, we like it here, this way
I'd never be without you

Chorus: Unaware of our actions, our clothes thrown across your room
your skin wastes away to a new found blooming romance
cherry blossom in darker days
we'll never drift or fade, everlasting, youthful love

fire away, free spirit
we're not to blame
put me to bed with your shame
kiss me in the hallway, head me towards a temporary satisfaction
followed by disaster, you never stay
what is it you're after?


Ending: pick my skin, lay down your love with kisses
from my head to my grounded feet
we're victims of defeat
linger, linger, linger
blossom into one another
I'm the better you

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