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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Title: Departure, I still think of you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

This is the last time,
that I let my head go
this is the first time
the only time we'll ever know, together
I'll be inside you
buried underneath forgotten mistakes

I still think of you now,
you've held me down
in a wayward stare
my gaze falls upon you
a shadow in my heart
I wish I could of changed my goodbye
travel back to the words I forgot at the start
I still think of you now
in my latest despair
and you've never been here, never been here

Chorus: I'll always let myself know, before my mind goes
this is the only time I'll ever tell you
before now you've never been aware
and this is the only time I'll ever let you know
I'll always let myself know
this is everything I've ever longed for
the desirables, we still want more
this is everything we lived for
we feel it one more time
I still think of you now

Oh and a bitter twist to a sweet sensation
I'll leave, I'll be next to you, lovely
oh and an end to whatever it was we were meant to begin
I still think about it, now
I'll leave, I'll be


Ending: You've held me down,
my tears are the hunger in my heart
I wish I could change my goodbye
touch you with the words I'll never say from the start
and now we depart
and I still think of you

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