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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Title: Take hold of me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Take hold of me,
I've fallen for someone who I never knew existed
a shadow in the dark
a knife that made a mark
here's a sentimental feeling that we'd forgotten
take hold of me
I wish you the best
now you've made a mess of me
come on, darling, take the rest of me
take hold of me

fortunately for you and I,
to our surprise, left at the bottom of the oceans
pulled apart by the waves horses
we wait for something, wait for something
to take hold of our remains
the afterglow that puts non existent love to shame

Chorus: and it feels like you're calling
but your body stays static to the ground
and it lasts like the weight of the world that I'm pulling
give me a sense of worth
take hold of me
give me a sense of whatever it is from me that you're adoring
take hold of me

I feel just like I know you,
but I just got told your name
my body is starting to grow
and this feels like everything I've been trying to resist
the attachment I'll never miss

you're growing on my sleeve upon the mold my heart clings onto
give me a sense of knowing
be aware that I've lacked the courage to tell you
I've fallen


Ending: Take hold of me
grasp my skin until I take the inelegant dismount
I'll lay next to your bones when my day is done
take hold of me
and everything I run for

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