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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Title: How you like it. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I dreamt of you, you dreamt of me
gravity keeps us here, yet we're reasons to leave
stay around, I sleep in pure darkness, lonely
what is love? it's not whatever we have right here
I wake you with myself staying around
could of left, but I never do, I never will
leave without a wasted word, from you

when good words come by,
I keep them sealed within my lips
stories never told by those who let go
let me see through this jealousy
feel me, did I ever tell you?
you're the only one I've waited for
the only one who meant something

Chorus: I'll see you again
hand intertwined with all that we could of begun
we'll look back to then
when you and I were never separate
uncontrollably united, pushed aside by our thoughts
of seeing one another, once again

lost inside you, ready for the best
I'm nothing you admire
somehow it's working
I take care of you, just how you like it


End: I just want to know, how you like it
can't take you home like this
lost, in the heat of it all

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