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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Title: First. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

It can't be undone, whatever this is
hold me down, desirable, to touch every inch of your body
with the warmth of my breath
the heaviness of your skin lingers now
our flesh meets again
under the heavenly sheets that cover yesterdays disaster

you keep me pounding, for every word
frozen as it leaves your lips
you come, finish with a tender twist
that leaves nothing other than a scar, so sublime
body bruised, in love with you, lust is better

Chorus: Think twice, never promise
in the heat of our moments
always ready for you
you run home, shoes straight off
you know the rest, baby
think twice, never promise
repeat, repeat, repeat, we repeat our actions
that remain in our words, sprawled in the creases of our clothes
this is what we feel, how we like it

breathing hard now, we know this would happen
lay me down, give it to me over again
you know what I like, we both know why you're here
it's all you, it's all me
playing, over again


ending: me on top of you,
you inside and beside me
lower me down with unseen intentions
baby, you've got it all

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