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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Title: It's not (up to) me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Has it escaped your notice, you know, me being here?
the transition of our departure of everything we are
it's all left my imagination, I've never held your body close to me
it's not up to me now is it? my darling

would you ever give me a chance?
you know, to be everything you ever wanted?
you're distracted by the physical and mental flaws that you often see
I've never seen you for any duration longer than the time it takes to pass me by
it's not up to me now is it? my darling

Chorus: You've never been alone in my love
I've tried to be close to you, but close to you is never enough
you've never been alone with my love
the passion I crave with you, to feel your touch
I like the way our minds brush before our hands meet
but it's never up to me my love, imagination isn't enough in this cruel cruel world
never enough for someone like you

it's not chaos I'm after, although that seems rather exciting
I've created various scenarios in my brain where we were causing trouble
through the tips of our tongues
the verbal words I so often crave to hear
but you never breathe heavy in your lungs

to focus on any other, what a foolish action to take
the transition from each stage of us
the system of us could be vastly simplified if we just took the time to be each others other


ending: would you do it? give us a go
push past the worries of what everyone else's thoughts would consist of
it's not up to me now is it? my darling
never mine

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