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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Title: I do for you

The mood spills in
your scent lingers on every wound
I'd rather be restless, the second you stop
my troubles catch up, yet you still leave me breathless
I disappear in silk sheets
I disappear into your body

My blood runs for you
the pace of my heart walks steady
it's the only way to assure you
that every thing, every little thing
I do for you, tonight

Chorus: I can no longer dream peacefully
knowing that you have the ability to leave, at any time
it floods my body in fear
but I know you'd never leave darling
you've seen too much, you've been tested
I do it all for you, tonight

I hear your voice louder,
I feel the depth of your warm breath
and I feel you getting closer
I can't explain to you darling
how often I think of this
how often I want you
the need for your touch


ending: I lay awake, unbusy
and without you I'm lost
it breaks my heart knowing that you could have done so in the beginning
we'll never grow apart
it's something I know that you can do
but I'd like to think you love me more than that
the idea of seperation

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