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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Title: To be inside

I'm out of danger, but I'm still close to you
I hold your hand like it's the only time I can't ever let go
and it's time like these when I'm on the way
out of the deep waters
yet I'll always be afraid again
I'll always look at your with glossy eyes

a feeling of belonging
the need for home
a sensation of knowing
this is where I need to be
wherever you are, darling

Chorus: I've got many feelings about this
I've got so many doubts about you
but you keep me up on the surface
you haven't let me down, yet
and I'll help myself to the love you give
it's all that makes me feel better
and I'll help myself to you,  my love
the constant finding of hidden treasure

I'll never let go
nothing can break us now
and as you enter me so softly
I breathe in every emotion you wear
I spray my words onto your skin
as you rest yourself
and we're so still, we play so still


ending: I'll forget all the rest
in your eyes I find peace
and I'll never shy away anymore
I'll keep above dark waters

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