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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Title: Push//Pull

I don't want to
keep, keep pushing you away
with unspoken words in outspoken moments

And I don't long to feel, feel this way
a heavy heart leads to a heavy motion
I can't keep,  keep lying to myself
knowing that I'll never change

and I'll  trust myself to let you know
how I feel about you now
and I'll trust myself to let you know
how much I truly truly love you

Chorus: I don't want to push you away, any longer, any longer
but I can't keep myself restrained I just wanna,  I just wanna
show you how much
how much I
truly care, for you

and I'll kiss, kiss your soft lips
with rough words
and I'll cut around the edges
just to make myself heard

I'll hold your body tightly
breathe you right in, right in
I'll absorb your soft hands
as they float above my body


you travel  through my veins
at  quite a rapid speed
and with my heart rate quicker
it's you I feel

ending: I don't want to seem to clingy to you
but I can't,  ever let go
I'm afraid you'll wake up tomorrow
with a different point of view
but for today, for tonight, for this moment
all I can do, is what you want me to  do

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