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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Title: Reappearances

You didn't want me to see
but you left so quietly
you enter with heavy hands
touching every inch of my body
and they never hide from me
and these scars, you've learned to love

I've been having the strangest feeling
I can't leave the sharpness of your breath
those heated whispers in the dark
and I can't ever leave you, now
you've become far too much

Chorus: You've left me open
I hope you'd understand, darling
there's no way that I can ever let you go
you move me from within
even in distance, I love you with a weighted heart
and I promise to show to you
each day that passes by
to love and to care
for your beautiful body

I know that I've tried to forget those nights
but they linger like your scent on my skin
and you've left me here, bare and broken
but you'll always come back to me
to fix all that you can with steady hands


ending: and, knowing this
for far too long
you cut deep into my heart
but you'll always come back to me

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