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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Title: To think

For you, I grow like daffodils in spring
and I'd forever improve, just to have this one win
this mess we've made, so beautifully chaotic
but it's now, that I miss you the most
when I think about us ending

our day will come, if we wait a while
I'll see those piercing eyes of yours
and it will all be alright
so let me lay my head
right next to yours
and this is everything
we share this

Chorus: if we had waited a while
would we ever be here
and we could have missed this, so easily
I'll never fake this love
I'll always wear your smile
I'll stay in love this way
and this is everything
all that we are
you and I

I don't have room left in this heavy heart of mine
with every touch you prove my belief in our love
I couldn't ask for another
I couldn't ask for a better you
you do me well, you do me right


ending: and it's being awoken
catching the last glimpse of your tired mind
and it's in this state that I love you the most
when I think about us, neverending

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