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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Title: Warm bodies

I've been searching for another
searching for you
and I think I've discovered, all that's left to complete me
to take away this emptiness that lingers in my heart, always
you bury in me, words that I've longed to hear
you seek in me, emotions I've longed to feel

I've got a thing for you
a heavy feeling that sinks into my bones
and your eyes bring me the highest warmth
the sensations rushes over me, it travels lightly in my veins

Chorus: I've got to let you know
I can't let go, of whatever we have
boy, you knock me out
and what you do for me
indescribable, unconditional
and it's what you do to me
the consistent lightness of dark situations
I appreciate all that you forever prove
and it's this love that sinks inside me
keeps me afloat in rough waters

I've needed you
and now that I've got you in my grasp
I'm going to hold you so lightly
in a sheet of silky daydreams


ending: and you're all that I've been looking for
every emotion that I've always wanted
right here with you

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