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Monday, 29 April 2013

Title: Faults

It's been such a slow and painful day
all I've been thinking, negative thoughts present
the tip of my tongue delayed
and the way you move me, darling
it's like you see right through me
you make this easier, a little easy

I wish I could be wiser, stronger, content
I fear you're letting me go, ever so slowly
your subtle pleasure through harsh actions

Chorus: you know that you could do a lot better
even though you choose to stay, every time I mention it
you say it's not my fault, but I'm made of faults, I'm full of error
it's getting dark in my eyes and you've taken away hope
all I've wanted, all I ever wanted is trust, that you'd take me home
you'd take me there, my bones soaked in regret now
soaked in your scent

worse things have happened, I can reassure you now
but it's all about perspective, bring me a view that feeds my ever growing heart
isn't there a brighter way, to feel something more
something more filling than this?


you give lighter ways, to feel something more
something more fulfilling than this


ending: and I'm waiting for the clouds to glide away
and my bones float, float, float towards you
I sail a thousand waves just to be closer
closer to whatever we could have ever been
if I wasn't always in doubt

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