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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Title: Hidden Heat

So I'll lay you down
and my words can be found
broken on your body
broken on your body

and I'll love you so tightly
pull your body onto mine
and it's the warmth of your skin
that lets me know that you're mine tonight

heated topics
come through the thickness of my breath
oh I love your bedroom eyes
they're the best

Chorus: I pull you inside me
as you let me go with smooth hands
and this is it for now
we acknowledged then
smooth strokes leave me breathless
I feel everything
and you know, you know
you know, you know how to love me

scared, self conscious, paranoid
all these feelings evaporate
no need to turn out the lights
I know that you won't love me, any less

I sway in the moment
absorbing all the heat I can
and I breathe so deeply on your neck
you know, you know, you know how to make me want you more


 and after the first time
it  can only get better
this we both know
this we both know
and your bare body  shows me
all that I've been missing
hiding in the dark
waiting for your love


ending: and this hidden heated moment
is discovered  on my skin
I'm laced in beauty
I'm laced in your touch
in this hidden heat

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