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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Title: Stick by you

You sleep so softly, upon the bay
I watch your body as the ocean sways
and to kiss your lips, a necessity, necessity
and to hold your body, baby
next to me, next to me
a washed out  feeling
belonging to me, to me

you are the one that makes me feel
secure and happy
emotionally and physically
you provide with me,  with all I'll ever need
I do fine by you

Chorus: it shows on my skin
and its buried on my hands
I wear myself out
expressing just how much
you mean to me, darling
how much you mean to me

I sleep in silk sheets
I sleep beside you
and I kiss your body
and you kiss mine too

we're sewn into another
stuck on the remaining pieces
we've outdone ourselves, this time

oh and darling,
I will miss you, so hard
when you leave


for you to return
to come back to me
a  victory in itself
a day I long to see

and I promise to teach you
every day of your life
I will write words of wisdom on your lips
and that's how you'll get by


ending: and you to me, darling
are everything that I have been missing
and you to me, darling
oh this is such a blessing
I promise and I'll prove
just how much I love you, baby
and I'll take you into the safer shallows
and I'll stick with you

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