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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Title: Stumbling

I'm folding stars just to be where you are
but you feel so close to me
and I beg to differ, sweetheart
you take my hand but I feel like we're drifting once again
and I can't bare to see this
it's such a dying shame

I wilter for you as we grow to different boundaries
and I push past every limit of us
I speak through kisses
you act through wishes I can't stand it
you could lie through the tip of your fingers
and I couldn't taste it

Chorus: I watch you crumble
as I want to walk away
but you know I could never leave you
not on a day like this
I watch you stumble into darker nights
and I'm lonely, so lonely for you
without your body by my side

I'm dragging my heels across water
just to feel your skin
the softness of your bones my darling, they seep within
and I can't help but taste it
all these words that I've yet to say
and I can't quite taste it
all this bitter love that's wasting away


ending: I'm folding stars just be, a little closer to you
I'm breaking my back every day just to talk, talk to you
and the power of words is seen, in this dire situation
and the power of love is outspoken by the body you hold

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