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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Title: Won't take long

Your guard is let down
your emotive barrier is open
and your words have got me waiting
and I'm the company which is over
and I leave you quite the sound
those nights where we never left those sheets
the sheets that gave us the world

if I could have one more moment like this
laced in pure beauty, laced in your scent
I'd marinate myself in your kisses one more time
I'd drown a thousand times just to feel your skin

Chorus: I'd right all the wrongs
I'd be better for you, I'd better myself by you
because I know you deserve so much better
I'd take it all back, and it wouldn't take long
and I'd race all the fevers
just to feel the warmth of your breath
your voice echoes in the back of my mind
and I breathe you, I take you in like water
sip on you softly until there's nothing left

remorseful predicaments
I'd have many more just for you
I'd take you back, I'd take you

I'll beg for you,
I'll sacrifice all I have to give
and it won't take long
till you're mine once more, you never were
you never will be


ending: fast like lightning
love is frightening
and I'm stuck in the mist
I'm laid in the fog, one step closer to you

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